Welcome to IAIA Hub: your new, upgraded professional networking community.

Post your questions and ideas and get quick feedback from other members, plus easily get involved with Special Interest Section groups. (It is so easy that you can post just by hitting reply on an email if you want!) Each Section has its own group that you can join if interested, and all members are automatically part of the general IAIA Members message board. Our members consistently report networking as the most valuable aspect of membership, so we hope the one-click access in this new community will allow you to lean on your colleagues for brainstorming, resource sharing, and more.

Here are some of the features of IAIA Hub:

  • Modernized, simplified discussion forums for each IAIA Section (plus a group for all IAIA members).
  • Email notifications with the latest posts (plus the ability to reply to posts via email).
  • Section Group home bases that house discussions, resources, events, polls, and more (plus clear lists of members interested in the Section).
  • Private messages, so you can communicate directly with other members without needing email addresses (GDPR-friendly online networking!).
  • Powerful search functionality (and super helpful Help Desk!).
  • And more!

How To Connect

  1. Log into IAIA Hub at http://hub.iaia.org/ using your current IAIA username and password.
  2. Update your profile and photo by clicking My Profile.
  3. View groups you are in by clicking My Groups.
  4. Join some Section Groups by clicking Find Groups to Join.
  5. Start a discussion by clicking Post New Discussion from the Discussions tab within any group.
  6. Reply to a discussion by clicking Reply… from within the discussion online (OR by replying to a discussion email notification!).


Have questions? Click the FAQs menu option, or find step-by-step instructions here